Welcome to Rural Development Sangstha (RDS)

Message from ED

It gives me immense pleasure to write a few words for the Rural Development Sangstha (RDS),
a non-government organization which has emerged to be a viable entity through its efficient
functioning over the past years. One cannot but be amazed by the spectacular achievement that the organization has made since its inception in 1993 as a tiny social organization.
In the contemporary national and global socioeconomic environment, effective collaborations between government and non-government organizations have amply been recognized.
Development literature is replete with evidence that such collaborations have fruitfully been pursued to achieve coveted social objectives, particularly in the developing world.RDS seems to have rightly exploited the synergy attributes of such collaborations to yield commendable social output.
It is heartening to note that the organization has made excellent progress in the areas of socio-economic development, human resource development, child and adult education, and health and sanitation, renewable energy sector.
I specially thanks to our Donor Partners, Government of Bangladesh and other Organizations, for the support, co- operation valuable suggestion and guideline, for better implementation of programs.

I also offer my special thanks to our honorable Board members for their valuable effective contribution and playing vital role for policy making decision. I thank and appreciate my colleagues and staffs for their cooperation, commitment and dedication.
I wish RDS all success in these directions.
I am very happy to foreword this report with my best complements to our all friends and well wishers.

Md. Nour Uddin
Executive Director
Rural Development Sangstha (RDS)